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School Consultation

Advocating for and treating the emotional, behavioral, and academic needs of children and adolescents in the school.


Children with special needs may be limited from optimally benefiting from the school environment when not properly understood or serviced. Also, children without formally identified special needs may need additional support managing the stress of this demanding environment.

Cognitive Behavioral Solutions provides the following services:


Case Consultation

Having a psychologist from Cognitive Behavioral Solutions advocate at school for a child is often helpful in two circumstances. First, when the school’s use of treatment strategies that are working well in individual sessions and at home would enhance the child’s overall progress. Consultation in this situation provides the sharing and teaching of techniques, so the same strategies can be implemented properly at school. Second, when a child’s school-based services are not individualized sufficiently or effectively meeting a patient’s needs. Consultation in this situation often involves attendance at school team meetings to help develop a more effective Individualized Education Plan or Behavioral Intervention Plan. Case consultation can play a major role in improving a child’s chance for a successful educational experience.


Class Presentations

Children with special needs can be misunderstood and not fully accepted by their classmates, negatively affecting their social and behavioral functioning. To promote social acceptance and facilitate positive relationships in a classroom setting, Dr. Assemany visits classes to teach about Autism, OCD or ADHD specific to your child’s individual circumstances.