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Providing a comprehensive and objective assessment and analysis of current functioning.


At Cognitive Behavioral Solutions, we offer psychological and educational evaluations to answer the questions you have about your child’s emotional, behavioral, or academic functioning. Understanding the factors contributing to a given problem is necessary before effective solutions can be generated. Evaluations provide a comprehensive and objective assessment and analysis of current functioning, describing the severity of a particular disturbance and the capacity for change.

We conduct an individually tailored evaluation and thus, we do not give the same tests to every child. However, here is what an evaluation might encompass.

  • Intellectual and achievement (academic) tests

  • Specific tasks to look at visual and auditory attention

  • Memory tests

  • Measures that assess for emotional problems such as depression and anxiety

  • Self-report instruments that parents and teachers complete

  • Review of medical history and school performance

  • Review of school records when appropriate

  • Classroom observation when appropriate

  • Clinical interview and mental status examination of the child

Upon the completion of a comprehensive evaluation, you will receive a detailed report that describes all of the findings and provides numerous recommendations based on the results of the evaluation.