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Cognitive Behavioral Treatment (CBT)

Providing a framework that helps clearly identify the problem and develop a focused plan of treatment.


CBT has demonstrated effectiveness with a variety of diagnoses, including anxiety, ADHD, depression, disruptive behaviors, pervasive developmental disorders, learning difficulties, adjustment disorders, and encopresis. Each of these problems is addressed at COGNITIVE BEHAVIORAL SOLUTIONS by a fully licensed psychologist utilizing one or more of the following treatments.



At COGNITIVE BEHAVIORAL SOLUTIONS, counseling helps reduce symptoms of emotional and behavioral problems. An individualized treatment plan determines the treatment techniques used in counseling. Treatment techniques include active listening, affective education, cognitive restructuring, behavior modification, along with mindfulness and acceptance training.



We provide science-based, individualized coaching to help students develop core intellectual and psychological skills to optimize their academic potential. Different from tutoring, this program focuses on the process of learning, not the content. Research has found that many underachieving students have difficulties in school due to the way they process information. Weaknesses in the intellectual foundation skills of Attention/Focus, Working Memory, Planning Visual Memory, Synthesizing Abilities, and Problem Solving are often at the root of student difficulties. By coaching individual students, their parents, and at times, their teachers, Dr. Holmberg teaches strategies and learning methods that compensate for cognitive weaknesses and enhance cognitive strengths. The end result is a more efficient and effective learner!



The psychologists at COGNITIVE BEHAVIORAL SOLUTIONS provide counseling with multiple people in a family to achieve certain treatment goals. Different session arrangements, such as an entire family, parent-child dyad, siblings or a couple, can be helpful in reaching the goals of an individualized treatment plan. Your psychologist will address the psychological dynamics and skill deficits underlying the strained relationship(s) to help improve functioning.



Dr. Assemany is one of few psychologists in southeastern Michigan trained in the delivery of Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT). PCIT is an empirically-validated behavioral parent-training program designed to increase children's compliance (i.e., obeying and following directions) and decrease children's oppositional and aggressive behaviors.

In addition, parents are taught play-based interaction skills that increase closeness in the parent-child relationship and improve children's ability to manage their feelings effectively. Direct coaching helps parents master the taught skills. After giving detailed instruction, Dr. Assemany observes the parent-child interaction from an adjoining room and coaches parents unobtrusively, using a wireless microphone and receiver.



A Functional Behavioral Assessment (FBA) uses detailed analysis of problematic behavior to discern the purpose of these behaviors. This understanding of the purpose or function of the behavior then directs the individually-tailored treatment that follows, referred to as a Behavioral Intervention Plan (BIP). A BIP is a highly effective means of behavioral change that can be implemented at home or school.